Invincible Summer


I see his playful smile reflected on the water, feel the coolness of his breath in the rain and hear his song every Spring– I can feel it … Summer’s coming.

A little gritty and grainy ~ sort of vintage-y summer, I processed these with that end in mind, happy in particular with the first image — I’ve both slept and read for hours in this hammock.




38 thoughts on “Invincible Summer

  1. Love the toe in the sand. I put up a hammock between two big trees years ago, but neither my wife or I had the patience to lie in it for very long. Either of us or both of us would lie in it and then start thinking about other things we wanted or needed to do, then we would get up and start doing something else.

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  2. Just perfect west! Love that hammock – you know why? We have exactly the same one strung bertween two huge oak posts in our courtyard ! 😀 Have to say it’s usually MrH who lies in it, I’m like Timothy, I have to go off and do something else! Lovely summery vibes for the weekend 🙂 ❤


  3. It has been many long months since I’ve enjoyed my hammock. The snow is gone, warmer weather is coming and it won’t be long now. Thanks for the pleasant reminder 🙂


      1. Agreed 🙂 I think its very healthy to have one or two of them tucked in your pocket and of course, and I think Pooh said it best a, ‘Thotful Spot~’ 🙂


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