Someone Else’s Dreams


Legends say that if you can’t sleep at night, it’s because you’re awake in someone else’s dreams.



96 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Dreams

  1. Wonderful, dreamy photo! When a close friend died of cancer in the early hours of the morning in 2006, she appeared to me in a dream and told me to tell everyone that she was fine now. I woke up with a start and knew that she had passed on. In was very strange. When I got to work early, I told a co-worker that I believe Beth had died about 3:00 am. He looked surprised and asked “what are you talking about? How could you know?” I just said that I felt it. He came to my office about an hour later looking very pale and told me he had just gotten the call about her death. I had several dreams with her telling me that she was alright for a couple of years after she died, then those dreams stopped. I still have dreams with my dad in them. I know he’s dead in the dream, but we do things together as if he was really there.


  2. Dreams are their own state of reality and lure us to places we’ve either been or wish to go. Much like this photo: a world that looks familiar and yet is nowhere I’ve been. As always, with your photos and your words that accompany them, you take us there, too.


  3. oh gosh, I love it! Amazing photo, as always, but you do surprise with every single new one again! Would this one be on front of me, hanging at the white wall in my room, I would be lost in a thousand thoughts, which run into my mind while focusing on the dreamful expression 🙂 Great!


  4. A lovely winter wood.
    I like the quote/reflection.
    last night I had trouble sleeping, maybe I was awake in someone else’s dream?
    Or rather, right now I am dreaming, and only come awake at night when I dream?
    And then I say “Go blue”. No that would be a dream…

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      1. Haha! No worry, my friend. I’m an equal-opportunity (non) football fan. in other words, if I’m in Bama, I will say “Roll Tide”. If you love Mich. i will gladly shout “Go Blue”. Or to put another way: I’m a “football-fan” fan. You, West, love a team? I’ll support you! 😉
        (Flattery will get me nowhere?)


    1. ❤ thank you Andrew!! I took that really early in the morning off a cabin balcony ~ sipping coffee, watching the sun …. and freeeezing in the snow 🙂 ….I cant wait to see your work!


  5. Amazing picture. I don’t know what to say about the dream inside of it, what to chose between “terrific” and “terrible”. It seems to be on the limit of chimera with nightmare, unbillable beauty…


  6. I’ve never heard that legend before but I like it. And it makes sense. 🙂 Love your picture. It goes perfectly with the saying. 🙂


  7. No idea how I missed this one West, but I’m so glad I saw it today. A stunning capture of a beautiful place. Love the quote too. Must share this with my husband! 😛


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