Sunday Stretch

A good stretch. Head to toe.  Arms previously pillowed beneath my face now raised above my head.  Deeeep breath.  Back arched, legs reaching their fullest possible length-toes reaching an inch further.  The kind of stretch that pulls out a deep, yawning sigh-then like a rhythmic breath– sends you right back down, beneath a soft duvet- with new week thoughts and goals coming into focus. This … Continue reading Sunday Stretch

Light Kissed Night

Who kissed who first, I couldn’t say. Was it Light? Was it Night? Tucked inside a wooden hollow, night met day. One. Together. Intertwined, their colors exploded, dancing across a mountain top and through a forest—where finally, sweetly, beside the flow of a glittery stream, night overpowered day, took him inside herself and laid him softly, beautifully to sleep. A short note about these images: I was sitting on … Continue reading Light Kissed Night

This Means Love

Whispering trees, spanish moss, gentle breezes, porch springs, flip flops and sweet and sour basil lemonade.  A southern spring.   Taken just before sunset on the street where I live, this lake is always alive with activity– but tonight it seemed rather winsome and quiet… this image in particular, with the sun sinking low in the sky, made me think of everything in my life that I’m most in love with. Continue reading This Means Love