Sunday Stretch

A good stretch. Head to toe.  Arms previously pillowed beneath my face now raised above my head.  Deeeep breath.  Back arched, legs reaching their fullest possible length-toes reaching an inch further.  The kind of stretch that pulls out a deep, yawning sigh-then like a rhythmic breath– sends you right back down, beneath a soft duvet- with new week thoughts and goals coming into focus. This … Continue reading Sunday Stretch

Reblogging: Four Over Four by Joe @VisualChronicle

Joe…. for the love of vines. Visit Joe’s “Visual Chronicle” for some amazing photographs full of delicious textures, shadows and vines …beautiful vines– just like these. Reblogging Joe’s Original: “Four Over Four” This one is for you West! Fujifilm X-Pro 1 – XF 18-55 R lens – 1/90 @ f/5.6 – 52.7mm – ISO 200   Continue reading Reblogging: Four Over Four by Joe @VisualChronicle