Natural Beauty

Some days were made for Nikes, pony-tails, backpacks and road maps … today was one of them.  After all, a girl can only handle so much work — at least this girl anyway. Flamingos – one of nature’s most naturally beautiful creatures! I think Aristotle said it best, “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous-” and today I was happy to spread my wings … Continue reading Natural Beauty

Seeing RED

If I could be any color it would be red. Whether it’s of the candy apple or fire engine shade, I love it! It’s bold, confident, beautiful,oh-so-hot and always gets a second glance. This beauty is no exception!  Thouroughly coated, recoated … and recoated, this antique door is both glamourous and vinatge-chic~ at once flirting with your curiosity and commanding your attention … yea I’d definately want … Continue reading Seeing RED