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Sunday Stretch


A good stretch. Head to toe.  Arms previously pillowed beneath my face now raised above my head.  Deeeep breath.  Back arched, legs reaching their fullest possible length-toes reaching an inch further.  The kind of stretch that pulls out a deep, yawning sigh-then like a rhythmic breath– sends you right back down, beneath a soft duvet- with new week thoughts and goals coming into focus.

This was me. Today.

Just before the second stretch- on my porch, on tip-toes, with my camera … and coffee of course.

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  1. Now, this post of yours definitely inspired my day today 🙂
    A little stretch, coffee, and contemplation of what the day/week/month may bring. Wishing you a great spring ahead Wendy ~ enjoy.


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Sharing my glimpses of life, adventure & sunshine colored in beachy vibes and wanderlust. I’m a runner, fitness lover, grower of edibles & an advocate of living life with less stuff. Seeing life inspires me. Welcome to my daydreams. I’m Wendy.

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