Where the Turtles Are


It’s not a crowded beach. It’s a very small beach. There is one hotel, two modest motels, an amazing pizza parlor and a bar that’s situated in the trees. I sleep on the third floor where mornings are fragile and still until, full of sleep, I wake to the sound of waves caressing the shore as the scent of coffee and fresh bagels fill the air. This is my hideout. A place I often go in Summer, to sit in the sun, swim in the ocean and try catch a glimpse of the extraordinary. A miracle that happens every year– nestled in the midst of a breathy sea breeze, miles of warm sand and a gentle, lapping tide. The place where the turtles are.


Hatched onto their now home-beach, they will live their entire lives in the ocean, returning to these same shores to perpetuate life’s cycle.  I wanted to scoop them up for a quick cuddle the moment I saw their tiny shelled bodies with flippers scrambling and help them into sunset waves- but instead I decided to watch from a short distance and fancy myself privileged to be a part of such an organic, natural wonder. How remarkably magical and enchanting they really are!




101 thoughts on “Where the Turtles Are

    1. What amazing photos of sea turtles — and what a pleasant description of the beach experience. Obviously you (and your camera lens) have an artistic eye for such beauty and life in motion. There is nothing exactly like th ebeauty and life of a seashore. Please keep them coming!


  1. Would you tell me where this is? I promise not to tell anyone. I would just love to experience your words, your images. I am glad you did not “cuddle” with the turtles. Just watch and be a part of their life cycle from a distance. That is best, I think! How favored, you are!

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    1. 🙂 I would be happy to let you in on my secret~ provided you dont publish it hehe – the pizza is Mikey’s Pizza Planet, the bar is Norwoods and the bagels (22 variaties with 9 homeade cream cheeses) are made fresh daily at Bagel World for .95 cents each. Something I love about this places is that, once you’re beachside, every restaurant is locally owned…there are no franchise or fast food places. No I resisted my urge to turtle-cuddle, but did shoo away one or two birds to at least give these little miracles a fighting chance in an enormous ocean ♡ So happy you liked it and if you ever find yourself in FLA I will be more than happy to point you in the Turtle direction… just be sure to be here anytime from May to October ♡♡

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      1. My parents took us down to Disneyworld when I was around 6. All I remember is these huge cockroaches on the pathway near our hotel (in Disneyworld).


  2. I just left a note on another blog that I don’t care much for the beach (I’m a desert boy), but if I got a chance to watch the turtles hatch and make their way to the sea, that would be well worth a trip to the beach. Fantastic turtle coverage and wonderful poetic prose.

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    1. A desert boy…that fits you perfectly!! Seeing that Sea Turtles are reptiles, I can imagine your enjoyment of them… correct me if I am wrong, but I seek to remember a post of yours with rattle snakes?! Thank you! 🙂

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      1. Photos of rattlesnakes, boa constrictor, pythons, bull snakes, garter snakes, whip snakes and hognose snakes have all been included in my blog over the years. I also have photos of turtles, but they are the garden variety sliders and snapping turtles. No sea turtles for me so far.

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  3. A lovely piece of writing and a fitting tribute to the place and, of course, the turtles. What is truly remarkable is these glimpses you give of us your world: a beautiful, exquisite place.

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    1. Thank you so much Jane! 🐻 Although I did watch from a few feet away and tried not to interfere, I did shoo birds away ha! Seeing sch sweet little animals wiggling along in the ocean was unforgettable! ♡♡

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  4. An incredible opening paragraph ~ and how much I’d love to be able to experience such a place like this. Great writing, and to wake seeing such a sight as the opening shot, not bad at all especially given that to end the day you get to visit a “bar that’s situated in the trees” Everyone needs an oasis in life, and all of this is nothing in comparison to the turtles 🙂 What an amazing place and history ~ must be magic watching those little guys wake-up and make their escape back to the ocean (where we all belong). Cheers to a great weekend!

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  5. A rare scene. and well captured. Unfortunately in many places of the world the eggs are harvested and sold on the black market. You’re lucky to witness that. I was too a long time ago on a kenya beach. We could watch the little turtles escape from the sand and “run” to the sea. Where many “birds of prey” or large fish are waiting for them. But some do make it.
    Thank you for the shots. And the memories


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