“…you will never regret time spent blowing bubbles…” Saturdays are for sleeping late, long stretches, pancakes (French Toast if you live in my house) and a brief return to free-spirited, childlike irresponsibility.  Lying in sunlight, watching my niece from beneath a cashmere throw, I fumbled for my camera snapping the shutter just seconds before a small bubble appeared at the end of her wand, and popped … Continue reading Bubbly

All of Us Stars

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle…” (Marilyn Monroe) Wearing polka dot rain boots, sheltered by a red umbrella, I sat with morning on an antique park bench, talking over coffee. And I couldn’t help thinking, as he spoke that …maybe… if we tried, we could all add a little more sparkle to the world ~ so our beloved stars wouldn’t have to work so hard. Have … Continue reading All of Us Stars

Wet. Soft. Blue.

I taste morning. Wet. Soft. Blue.  And breathing mist, with his taste in my mouth, I found myself sweetly nestled beneath protective branches, cuddled by an oversized flannel and captivated by translucent drops of dew and sun dancing helplessly inside a crystalline canopy. A little about this: I so wanted to show the delicate beauty of an intricate web. Not as a spooky Halloween icon but instead- one of nature’s … Continue reading Wet. Soft. Blue.

Shirt Laundry

Their unapologetically loud… I guess thats why I like them… flashing lights, crazy shapes~ I’m talking about Vintage road signs of course. You know the ones… mix matched colors, shapes, fonts with no rhyme or reason … what’s not to love?  Nothing but gorgeous chaos floating in the sky. Sadly this “Shirt Laundry” is closed for business, but I’m still very fond of this small odd … Continue reading Shirt Laundry