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Capture My Breath

Capture my breath, amber visions, sunlit time
Rise above me and beneath me spread, a whispering pulse– fragile, still. Unbreakably still.

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  1. Such a great feeling with this shot ~ watching summer slowly set, and taking the time to catch my breath before entering autumn. You do find some of the most beautiful places in the world ~


    • “…watching summer slowly set…” beautifully said. Have you ever hiked in North Carolina? While there are no mountains (at least what I consider mountains) it possesses a golden, blue, rolling beauty that’s very hard to beat. The air, the rivers and mountain-hills …are sublime! …and this… only a few miles from my parents cabin~ a spot and dock I know very well. 🙂 So happy you enjoyed it- your comments, as always, bring me a smile. 😀


      • I’ve never hiked NC, although spent a little time in the Raleigh-Durham area never got out into the countryside…however, I loed the area and thought it a beautiful place. Nothing better than to have a beautiful retreat that you do with your parent’s cabin. Looks very special. Enjoy your weekend 😊


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Sharing my glimpses of life, adventure & sunshine colored in beachy vibes and wanderlust. I’m a runner, fitness lover, grower of edibles & an advocate of living life with less stuff. Seeing life inspires me. Welcome to my daydreams. I’m Wendy.

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