Shirt Laundry

Their unapologetically loud… I guess thats why I like them… flashing lights, crazy shapes~ I’m talking about Vintage road signs of course. You know the ones… mix matched colors, shapes, fonts with no rhyme or reason … what’s not to love?  Nothing but gorgeous chaos floating in the sky. Sadly this “Shirt Laundry” is closed for business, but I’m still very fond of this small odd … Continue reading Shirt Laundry

Seeing RED

If I could be any color it would be red. Whether it’s of the candy apple or fire engine shade, I love it! It’s bold, confident, beautiful,oh-so-hot and always gets a second glance. This beauty is no exception!  Thouroughly coated, recoated … and recoated, this antique door is both glamourous and vinatge-chic~ at once flirting with your curiosity and commanding your attention … yea I’d definately want … Continue reading Seeing RED

Beautiful Ride

Ferris Wheels.  I see them.  I’m Seventeen again.  He and me.  My first road trip, my senior summer.  Hot, happy, stranded. Waiting in the desert outside Reno … 55 miles into the, “138 miles to the next gas station.”  We didn’t make it to Reno that night, but settled instead for a cheap motel, a small carnival, pizza, two ice cream cones, a sunset … and the first time … Continue reading Beautiful Ride

This Means Love

Whispering trees, spanish moss, gentle breezes, porch springs, flip flops and sweet and sour basil lemonade.  A southern spring.   Taken just before sunset on the street where I live, this lake is always alive with activity– but tonight it seemed rather winsome and quiet… this image in particular, with the sun sinking low in the sky, made me think of everything in my life that I’m most in love with. Continue reading This Means Love