On the Run

I always wanted to be tall. Wish un-granted.  I’m barely 5’1. Normally a nice pair of high heels compensate for any insecurity in that department. At work my motto is, “The bigger the problem, the higher the heel,” words that have served me well, though they’ve been the source incessant teasing. More than once I’ve noticed a co-worker glancing quickly at my shoes before my … Continue reading On the Run


“…you will never regret time spent blowing bubbles…” Saturdays are for sleeping late, long stretches, pancakes (French Toast if you live in my house) and a brief return to free-spirited, childlike irresponsibility.  Lying in sunlight, watching my niece from beneath a cashmere throw, I fumbled for my camera snapping the shutter just seconds before a small bubble appeared at the end of her wand, and popped … Continue reading Bubbly

Diner Blues

It’s the kind of place you go on a Saturday. You know the place. A small bell, attached to the top of the door rings when you open it, local newspapers are strategically and invitingly placed on empty tables and two waitresses serve the same daily breakfast specials (with slight variation) you’ve eaten since…. well… forever.  Casual dress is best, ponytails and baseball hats are … Continue reading Diner Blues

Light Kissed Night

Who kissed who first, I couldn’t say. Was it Light? Was it Night? Tucked inside a wooden hollow, night met day. One. Together. Intertwined, their colors exploded, dancing across a mountain top and through a forest—where finally, sweetly, beside the flow of a glittery stream, night overpowered day, took him inside herself and laid him softly, beautifully to sleep. A short note about these images: I was sitting on … Continue reading Light Kissed Night

All of Us Stars

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle…” (Marilyn Monroe) Wearing polka dot rain boots, sheltered by a red umbrella, I sat with morning on an antique park bench, talking over coffee. And I couldn’t help thinking, as he spoke that …maybe… if we tried, we could all add a little more sparkle to the world ~ so our beloved stars wouldn’t have to work so hard. Have … Continue reading All of Us Stars

Wet. Soft. Blue.

I taste morning. Wet. Soft. Blue.  And breathing mist, with his taste in my mouth, I found myself sweetly nestled beneath protective branches, cuddled by an oversized flannel and captivated by translucent drops of dew and sun dancing helplessly inside a crystalline canopy. A little about this: I so wanted to show the delicate beauty of an intricate web. Not as a spooky Halloween icon but instead- one of nature’s … Continue reading Wet. Soft. Blue.

Natural Beauty

Some days were made for Nikes, pony-tails, backpacks and road maps … today was one of them.  After all, a girl can only handle so much work — at least this girl anyway. Flamingos – one of nature’s most naturally beautiful creatures! I think Aristotle said it best, “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous-” and today I was happy to spread my wings … Continue reading Natural Beauty