Reblogging: Four Over Four by Joe @VisualChronicle

Joe…. for the love of vines.
Visit Joe’s “Visual Chronicle” for some amazing photographs full of delicious textures, shadows and vines …beautiful vines– just like these.

Reblogging Joe’s Original: “Four Over Four”
This one is for you West!
Fujifilm X-Pro 1 – XF 18-55 R lens – 1/90 @ f/5.6 – 52.7mm – ISO 200



20 thoughts on “Reblogging: Four Over Four by Joe @VisualChronicle

      1. Indeed, I’ve seen the Sponge Docks so many times and still love to visit. I used to live nearby in Dunedin in the 1990’s. My folks have a house east of US 19 on Tarpon Road I think it’s called.I’ll certainly let you know! Once I get my alimony paid off (ggrrr) mI’ll have much more money, I’d like to start seriously traveling in my truck. Florida included! I’ll be in Michigan (home state) this month for daughter’s delayed wedding reception. At least it won’t be bitter cold this time…


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