It’s you. I. Like.


Fourteen years ago today, our favorite neighbor, an amazing, extraordinary person, Fred McFeely Rogers passed away.  A beautiful man of many talents, he wrapped his wisdom in the simplest phrases preschoolers everywhere could understand & embrace … Preschoolers– like me.

We miss you Mister Rogers.  It’s you. I. Like.


30 thoughts on “It’s you. I. Like.

  1. that’s so true,what Mr. Rodgers said. In 1987, an actress and singer (born 1927) decided to move from Cologne, here in Germany, to the Fiji islands for health reasons. She finished her career and said Good-bye with a final song, which is still popular for some reason. “Niemals geht man so ganz” (never you leave so completely). The next line gives the reason “irgendwas von mir bleibt hier, es hat seinen Platz immer bei dir.” (something of me stays here and has a place with you for ever). Although, you can find the lyrics online, you’d have an extremely hard job translating them to english, ’cause several parts are in the local dialect of Cologne.


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