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Peru: Comments & Emails

A little over a year ago I received a storm of comments throughout my blog of a very disparaging nature. 😦

I chose to ignore the comments, delete them and spread the word privately as comments were being left about me on fellow blogger pages.  (I sincerely apologize.)

I’m posting as an apology to bloggers who have continued to receive either emails about me or troublesome comments on their own blog posts which in turn have to be deleted.  Outside of a handful of people (Hi Joe!), I know very few people here, certainly not anyone from Peru- almost 3,000 miles away.  I’m posting today after receiving email questions this morning about all this-I’m sorry it’s continued for so long and been such an inconvenience for everyone-  the last thing I would want to be.  If these comments and emails were limited to myself I would dismiss them and leave them safely in my Spam folder.

Thanks so much everyone for reading and have a great weekend!  It’s FRIDAY!!


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  1. Hang in there. It’s amazing the vile and argumentative things people can say behind the cloak of anonymity of a computer. You know who you are and so do your friends. Best wishes.


  2. So now we all have to worry about this crazy person in Peru who apparently doesn’t know anything about you ? The fake news on Facebook wasn’t enough ? Carry on as usual my friend and don’t worry about this person. Those of us who know you will testify to your outstanding character (and love of all good movies) West 🙂 My spam filter is set pretty high and no matter how nice or nasty the comments are that come in I always double check the source website before I approve the comment. Im going to have my friend check on this matter he’s vacationing in Peru right now. You might even know him he used to do the Dos Equis commercials “The Most Interesting Man In The World” 🙂 Keep up your sense of humor West !

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    • Fake News ….bahahahah 😀 Thank you Joe~ I’ve also started using the filters with stricter settings and hopefully now everything will just go to my Spam or Trash bin. Just beware if any comments come into your folder, they are most definitely “fake news” 🙂

      Jonathan’s in Peru? I heard that his mother got a tattoo, it reads, “Son.” LOL~ have a beautiful weekend and “…stay thirsty my friend.” 😉

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  3. Wow, what a lump of coal Wendy! I hope this goes away like a bad cold. I was recently called bad things that weren’t true by some troll on IG. I shut the account down, no more social media for me. WP is enough. 💕


    • A lump of coal (hehe)~ you were trolled on IG? why??? On the sites where my friends and family are~ I’ve never had any issues whatsoever- gee I’m sorry, I’d wondered where you’d gone. Have you thought about going back just as “private”?

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  4. Sorry to hear it.  Sounds like the typical cyber bully that probably has feelings of inadequacy.  No need to apologize as you’re not responsible for the world’s mental health.  If they keep bothering you let me know.  I know some people.  😉  
    Most everyone is aware that besides being gorgeous you are one of the nicest, sweetest bloggers in the whole universe so no worries.  Have a wonderful weekend!  🐻  Hugs  🐻

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  5. What a harassment – and it has to be a misunderstanding because the “west” we know is an encourager master photographer! Your little snippets of sharing with your rich photos have never seemed offensive in any way – and I just pray that it will stop and that good fruits will come from it. How annoying

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  6. A bit of a coincidence. Earlier this year, I started to receive clicks from Peru and Brazil on my blog. I only noticed by checking on the stats, something I usually ignore. I marked them as spam. The trolls who lurk on the web, far too many of them. Glad WP was able to help you out.

    Have a good weekend, Wendy.

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  7. Hi “West” I am really so sorry that you should be exposed to such… stupidity. And long-lasting at that.
    Have you asked WordPress support whether they could help you get rid of the idiot? Blocking software? Maybe they can.
    Regardless, allow me to wish you, and all your family, a very happy Christmas and a fantastic new Year.
    Ye be good naw!

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  8. I’m sorry this happened to you. We’ve had that kind of thing happen to us on our site too, although nowhere near the extent you have by the sounds of things. It really is a dreadful thing to go through. Don’t worry about it inconveniencing anyone else. I think many of us will have been reading you for long enough to know that it’s nothing to do with you. 🙂

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  9. Good grief! Thankfully I’m totally unaware of any it and I’d like to stay that way. I enjoy your images, and little glimpses into your life.
    Just keep hitting the delete key and move on without giving those comments or people leaving them another thought!

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!

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