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Carried on a Breeze


Spring’s first kiss brushed my eyes –turning my world every shade of pink.





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  1. So gorgeous West and such a beautiful colour. One of my favourites 😃
    These beautiful tuberous flowers feel so familiar – like foxglove – what are they?
    Enjoy your Spring x


    • Thank you Robyn! I love this color …and this tree. They are a little similar to foxglove – this is a tree called a “Tabebuia”. They are planted in beautiful rows where I live and every Spring it rains flower blossoms– literally- the ground is completely covered – you can walk barefoot, ankle deep in velvety pink petals. I love it!!

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      • Oh that does sound beautiful. I’ve not seen these here, although your wonderful description makes me think of Jacarandas which are a similar shape flower..and with the same profusion, but purple.
        Enjoy your velvety pink carpet. Sounds so pretty!


      • Sounds perfectly Springy! Apparently they do grow here as well. Must start paying attention – although I haven’t seen one yet.
        Thanks for the glorious inspiration West! 😃


  2. Beautiful series of the first blush of spring ~ nothing quite like “Spring’s first kiss brushed my eyes –turning my world every shade of pink.” A beautiful sight for sure 🙂


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