Carried on a Breeze


Spring’s first kiss brushed my eyes –turning my world every shade of pink.





53 thoughts on “Carried on a Breeze

  1. So gorgeous West and such a beautiful colour. One of my favourites 😃
    These beautiful tuberous flowers feel so familiar – like foxglove – what are they?
    Enjoy your Spring x


    1. Thank you Robyn! I love this color …and this tree. They are a little similar to foxglove – this is a tree called a “Tabebuia”. They are planted in beautiful rows where I live and every Spring it rains flower blossoms– literally- the ground is completely covered – you can walk barefoot, ankle deep in velvety pink petals. I love it!!

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      1. Oh that does sound beautiful. I’ve not seen these here, although your wonderful description makes me think of Jacarandas which are a similar shape flower..and with the same profusion, but purple.
        Enjoy your velvety pink carpet. Sounds so pretty!


      2. Sounds perfectly Springy! Apparently they do grow here as well. Must start paying attention – although I haven’t seen one yet.
        Thanks for the glorious inspiration West! 😃


  2. Beautiful series of the first blush of spring ~ nothing quite like “Spring’s first kiss brushed my eyes –turning my world every shade of pink.” A beautiful sight for sure 🙂


    1. I try to keep a pocketful of spring just for the days my world screams to washed in a different light. 🙂 (I recommend that everyone keep a little PINK in their pocket.) 🙂


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