Strawberry Red

Berry_01_Final copy

No other fruit couples as well with champagne, chocolate and bubbles.  Happy strawberry red, romantic, bubbly almost-Spring.

Berry_04_Final copy

Berry_02_Final copy


50 thoughts on “Strawberry Red

    1. Thank you Rajiv~ yes… I am READY for both Spring and Summer 🙂 I don’t mind the sun and heat~ of course I think it’s much warmer for you than it is for me here 🙂 …btw I love your last post!!

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      1. In my part of the world, it touches 46 degrees Celsius… That is… 115 in American measure..
        There are hotter places, mind you..
        And, don’t forget the hot winds


    1. Thank you! They are SO DELICIOUS!! I’m quite sure you would love one– I love fresh strawberries… 🙂 love them. Nothing tastes as good as RED does! 🙂


      1. I love my blueberries, but do have to agree that a fresh off the vine strawberry is one of the gems of life (made even better when turned into a milkshake…!!!!).


      2. Blueberries, yummm. 🙂 Me and my shakes — a guilty pleasure that couples perfectly with a PBJ sandwich— I know this from experience! 😉


      3. PBJ’s still play a very important role in my life 🙂 Head back up to China tomorrow and there is nothing quite like a little comfort food when I am there ~


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