Waves of Sand


The slow symphonic evening kiss of sun, tide and sand, rhythmically pulling everything into an oceanic pulse: the sand moist, the air wet and salty, sticky me finding beauty in one the simplest, most common elements of earth … a few shallow waves of sand.


69 thoughts on “Waves of Sand

  1. can you feel the breeze
    chilling the face
    turning fingers in icicles
    warming the heart
    with the imagination
    of a sky set on fire
    by the dying sun
    and we forget
    to wish for summer
    to be here again!.


  2. It’s the beginning of the day over here, but how I wish it was the evening…and I could go down to the water’s edge and live the words you say “slow symphonic evening kiss of sun, tide and sand…” Beautiful words (and photos).


  3. Finally found your sand castle, lost somewhere in my load of mails.
    (A nasty flu has kept me from attending yours and other lovely posts)
    Hope all is well with you.
    Go blue…
    (I’m such a sucker…)
    But I do mean it. I do. Really. 😉

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