Reblogging: No. 16 Wish You Were Here by Moorezart

beach_mooreMoorezart: Good retro morning to all from somewhere in Los Angeles, California!
I know Joni Mitchell’s house is around here somewhere.
Photo Dedicated to Ms. W. on the East Coast!

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He’s an artful blogger – always posting and reblogging fantastically crafted photos and posts from all around WordPress–  So thanks Douglas– for encoureallyraging me to keep my chin up, lens focused and for being one of the most generous natured bloggers I’ve met~ thanks again for your kind thoughts, wishes and sun-bleached photo you knew I would be crazy about… particularly that delicious surf board~


18 thoughts on “Reblogging: No. 16 Wish You Were Here by Moorezart

    1. The ‘transfer incident’ I still cringe when I think about that —- its a good thing no one knows IT & Design is what I do for a living 🙂 !! It just proves that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself…advice I should have taken– from myself :))))

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