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Sleeping In the Arms of Mountains


Cradled by hills, sleeping in the arms of mountains.

Usually I save my summers for an Ocean, but this year I decided to walk in the woods instead– and you might be surprised … they really aren’t all that different…

Where am I?
Highlands, North Carolina



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  1. There is this great kinship between the mountains and ocean, I love them both, and given a choice I’d choose the ocean every time…but then I have never been disappointed with the mountains and my favorite place in the world is climbing and standing on top of one. So I think you are right ~ they aren’t so different after all.

    The first shot is spectacular in its serenity ~ reflecting a life well lived. Cheers to a great week ~


    • There are so many similarities between them—mostly I think of their strengths, surpassing, pristine and resonant. I could never be far away from my beloved tide, although a trek through a dense forest holds promise and possibility all its own. In the end though, their voices are so alike, I think of them as brothers… I would have thought you preferred mountains to oceans 🙂 You and Eleanor? Such a beautiful couple you make!


      • Yeah, Elinor is this outlier ~ my one and only 🙂 However, seeing the ocean when I wake gives me such a great start to the day, nothing quite like it. Great thing about the PNW and Seattle are the Olympics & Sound sitting right next to each other ~ best of both worlds. Given the chance, you’d be awed by Elinor too 🙂


      • I can’t believe I misspelled that so terribly! I KNEW I should have checked 😀 oh well. I settle for a Lake but a shoreline is always near my horizon. I love the PNW– the mountains, the ocean, the whales… and yes, I’m sure I would fall in love Ellinor too— 🙂


      • This spelling of Ellinor is very unique (your spelling is the common spelling…and often found on maps). Yes, you would indeed fall in love ~ and the Orcas are just waiting for your visit 🙂


      • Ahhh- then I don’t feel so bad!! 🙂 Orcas … ❤ ❤ So don't be surprised when you see me somewhere in Seattle– backpack,camera and journal in tow, hopping onto one of those touristy whale watching boats praying for a glimpse of a black and white ocean-king …and you'll think to yourself, hey!! I think I know her!!?!


      • Ha, ha ~ that would be great, seriously let me know if you come on up, you’d find yourself in a bit of heaven here (even if you do shoot Nikon…). Cheers to the idea!


  2. I lived within 4 blocks of the beach in New York for years and always loved to walk along the shore in the middle of winter when no one else was around. But given half a chance I’d prefer to end up somewhere in the mountains, a still lake nearby where the mist rises each morning! Love these two photos of your world.


    • The mountains suit you well~ and I think a waking, reflective lake resting in morning mist is completely irresistible … particularly when coupled with a small, quiet fire. 🙂


  3. Another stunner and the last one especially reminds me of the park I just visited over this past weekend. I Love the play of light and shadow, and I can see so do you! The ambience you created here is really quite lovely!!! ❤


      • My regret I do not get over to your blog enough, my friend. You really have talent and I so enjoy your work. Yes, I had a good trip as I merged in my magical world of light and shadow. I will probably be working on those images soon to be seen at Petals. Thank YOU for the inspiration to get on it. I’ve been putting it off because this post will be with multiple pics, and so takes a lot longer to put together then just the one photo posts I mostly do. 🙂 Yet, when others see what I saw, it will be SO worth it!!!! ❤


  4. If only everyone would retreat to the woods every so often. Though, it’s funny (or sad), because we’re surrounded by woods where we’ re at and people get used to it. Right in their backyards and they don’t see it…

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