Soul of a Limitless Sky


… she had wings …
~Dean Jackson

For someone with the soul of a limitless sky.






61 thoughts on “Soul of a Limitless Sky

  1. Shooting is a banal act today. It was photographed almost everything and just again to those who walk in the world of photography. But your photos has something different and fascinating, whether by framing the composition is done either by color! I never tire of the view!


  2. Hiya west – hope you won’t mind I just nominated you for a quotation challenge! Doesn’t matter if you don’t have time (!!) if you’d like to join in you post a favourite quote on 3 consecutive days , mentioning t your nominator and asking 3 other bloggers to join in. I figured it was a good excuse to mention some of my favourite blogs! Anyway I’m posting my first one tonight so you can see what it’s all about… Hope you’re OK 😉 🐻


      1. Now that is a beautiful line ~ ‘butterfly is my favorite color’ ~ may have to borrow it (but with a tribute to you of course) as that is something that my nieces will like to hear and it will give them pause and something to think about for a little while 🙂


      2. You have my permission to use it as often as you like~ and no credit necessary, let your nieces think their Tio is completely brilliant!


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