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Holding a Universe


When he died, he left me his watch.   “To remember our times together…” his note said. His second gift, I found in a small black satin bag, tied with silver ribbon. Inside… a single seed. “So you’ll always know what it feels like to hold a universe,” read the card…but I’ve gotten ahead of my story …he would have hated that.

I grew up with giant. A man I called, “Gi.” Walking on his feet, fluttering though his house, dancing on his toes and planting wildflower seeds in his gardens. “Be gentle” he would say, as we dropped the tiny seeds into the earth.  “You’re holding a universe.  If you plant it and nurture it’s life, it will give it’s life back to you and become the air you breathe and the food you eat…” In one life, he had been a farmer~ in my life, a Grandfather.

Now, every spring, when I choose which plants will join my small garden-family, I think of him. A soft, weathered face, an antique silver wrist watch and an ever-growing seedling- universe that will turn six years old —tomorrow.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone~

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  1. What a loving tribute to your grandfather. Just beautiful: the words, the memories, the pictures. You certainly know how to cultivate that universe in your hands.


      • There is always a hole in our lives/our hearts when a loved one is gone but he left you a gift which in your able hands continues to grow and so he, too, continues to be a part of your life. I hope you enjoyed your eggplant, eaten there among your garden and the beauty of your heart.


  2. Lovely post west and beautifully worded 😉 There is nothing quite like planting and watching things grow is there, to feel really in touch with the universe – have a great weekend 🙂 🐻


    • Thank you so much Jackie~ I’m so sorry to hear that— that makes me realize once again how blessed I was ~ Have a gorgeous weekend! ♡♡


    • This is such a beautiful compliment! I don’t mind at all your reblogging it– I am sincerely flattered and sorry for your loss. ❤ ❤ TYSM for visiting and writing me! 🙂


  3. I’ve so missed visiting you, but work took my time. I have some time off soon, and hope to seemore of your beautiful posts!
    Resa ❤


    • Hi Resa! No worries– I KNOW the feeling! Thank you for stopping and writing~ and hope to see you again soon! …until then, try to get some rest and do something for YOU! ❤


  4. This is such an incredibly written and perfectly emotional post ~ what wise words and kind soul for the world to have and for his words/action still alive through you. “You’re holding a universe. If you plant it and nurture it’s life, it will give it’s life back to you and become the air you breathe and the food you eat…” perhaps the wisest words anyone could pass on to someone they love. Wish you well ~ and great photos too 🙂


    • Awww thank you — I loved/love him so much and miss him everyday. A child of the Great Depression, he was a very wise, sweet soul who gave me so many things–


      • Children of the Great Depression (my grandparents too) have a sense of what is important in life that is certainly rare these days ~ great to hear how much he still inspires you. Take care.


  5. West this is such a beautiful post – Your dear GF was a wise man 🙂
    A universe.. I’ll always remember that.
    I have some of my own GF’s violets. He too was a gardener.


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