Wishing On Stars

Salty flames, sandy embers and evening’s gaze often find me here. Wrapped in flannel. Wishing on stars. And I couldn’t help but think, as we sat there, wish, wonder and I, what a timelessly sweet couple a Beetle and a Beach really make.


103 thoughts on “Wishing On Stars

      1. I know, right?!!? haha ~ but those were quite before my time — there was me driving my 1st Accord wishing I was driving my bff’s blue bug ♡


  1. Is it your car? Although I’m German, I’ve never had a Käfer (that’s the name we call that car here in German. Translated into English it’s beetle). I wanted to have one as my first car many years ago, but my father persuaded me, to buy a new Fiesta instead. Just because, it’s more safe, more modern and cheaper than a used Käfer.

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    1. No, this isnt mine~ although I would LOVE to drive one!! I wanted one when I was first driving as a teenager, but my father didnt think them very safe …so I got a Honda instead 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Definately one of the cutest cars on the road…and Ive always imagined that if cars had a personality, vws would be energetic and sweet lol

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      1. 🙂 That must be why my favorite is a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe …because with the doors popped up…it looks like a bunny 🙂 lol


    1. I love that everyone has such sweet memories of their bettles … such happy little cars, especially (I would imagine) when parked in front of a sunset 🙂


  2. Apart from your great eye for colour, you also have a way with adjectives… And believe me adjectives are tricky. (I used to restrain my executives from writing adjectives in reports!)
    Great (and complete) work, West.
    As usual.
    (Ahmonna have to stop compliments for a week, lest you turn conceited!)
    Have a great week!

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    1. Hi Emilio! Thank you so much (I still say your comments are the BEST) 🙂 btw I have a website to show you if youre interested, I would appreciate your opinion ~ is the ‘professional me’


      1. I’d love to see your ‘professional me’ website. Would you like my ‘professional’ opinion? I’m not sure I’ll have one but I’ll try! 🙂


  3. West, this just brings back so many memories … from college 🙂 I kept my eye out every day of my freshman year for a yellow VW bug in my dorm parking lot – my heartthrob drove it 😉 The gorgeous sunset you captured is just icing on my trip down memory lane!

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    1. Thank you Stacy! 🙂 I’m so happy you liked it– this image also brought back a lot of memories for me- although I never actually DROVE bug, my cousin took me out almost every weekend in hers. Love them- such fun cars … and always seemed to be associated with happy memories!! ❤

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