Sleeping Beauty

I found a Mercury sleeping on a hillside. A veteran of open roads, desert highways and downtown city streets… he sleeps now, taking a well deserved rest…  He is, after all, one of the cars that taught America to drive.



83 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty

  1. Not only do I like your photos (my kind of subject matter) but your words are so poetic! Wish I could write like that.


    1. Thank you!! ….and you DO WRITE so much better than I— and sooo much funnier!! ~ cars are difficult for me on a good day, but I fell in love with this guy right away— just look at that snarl — thats the problem with cats nowadays… so many blank expressions (hehe) Anyway, I have a few shots from this set thta I didnt post~ Id love to toss one your direction for editing ….. ppplllleeaaase?? ♡


    1. Aww thank you Joe! Ive missed having your comments here…. who else can I exchange song lyrics and movie lines with (haha) …speaking of tunes, I had a little CCR kickin in my office last Friday and couldnt help but think of you 🙂

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