All of Us Stars

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle…” (Marilyn Monroe)

Wearing polka dot rain boots, sheltered by a red umbrella, I sat with morning on an antique park bench, talking over coffee. And I couldn’t help thinking, as he spoke that …maybe… if we tried, we could all add a little more sparkle to the world ~ so our beloved stars wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Have a glittery, sparkly and unforgettably beautiful Thanksgiving!


99 thoughts on “All of Us Stars

  1. I’m sitting by a warm fire in my fireplace, waiting for the last of our family holiday travelers to arrive (my son from NYC) and the first post I pull up is yours. Just made me smile and smile. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all you hold dear, West! Sending hugs from me to you.


    1. I’m eaten up with jealously… sitting by a warm fire~ how positively delicious! (I’m pulling my polka dot boots back on to run out into the cold, wet rain) 😀

      I hope you also have a wonderful holiday full of love, cheer and happy, smiling faces. Sending fireside hugs to you as well! xo

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  2. You certainly set the example by adding your own sparkle to this world and letting us grateful admirers share it. I hope your holiday back there is a lovely one. I certainly miss Thanksgiving more than any other holiday but “we makes our choices” as some cartoon character, I think, once said. Have an extra piece of pie for all us expats everywhere.

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    1. Thank you! ♡ I would miss Thxgvng terribly if I lived abroad~ I will certainly be thinking of everyone who is away from home, say a little prayer that we all stay safe …and eat a small piece of pumpkin pie for everyone who missed out ~ have a wonderful far-from-home Thanksgiving wherever you are 😉


      1. Well there as no turkey where I am in Turkey but I had grilled lamb chops and the usual assorted dishes that go along with meals here: grilled tomatoes, onions, pepper, rice, salad, tomato based dip, fresh bread. It wasn’t exactly what I would have had back among family in NY but it sufficed. And I’m sure you had a traditional meal there. That pumpkin pie should tasted fine.


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