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Wearing Pearls in the Rain

Rain copy

When it rains, I wear pearls.  Pearls and red lipstick.
And suddenly thundery shades of gray become glittery, glistening and romantic.

rain2 copy

rain3 copy

rain4 copy


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  1. Hi west517, Lovely and atmospheric, especially like the bicycle and the blurry wet silhouette! ⭐ The bicycle could almost be a photo in Cambridge (England) where all the students ride bikes and attach them to the railings! It’s strange to see the rain, the sun is still shining here! PS Not been on WP for a week but just posted a new ‘door’ post if you missed it ! 🙂


  2. super cool – pearls and red lipstick. and the images are cool. and for me, I rarely wear pearls – but when I do – I like to wear something navy or black… 🙂


  3. I see that you have a huge job to reply to comments isn’t? Take your time to reply to this one West.

    I just want to say that this is right in my tones. Perfect deep of field, beautiful B&W and I feel you were inspired by the rainy mood for those pictures. Love them all! 🙂


    • Hi Meho!! 🙂
      You know I actually thought of you when I was working on this post~ specifically some of your street photographs that are eye level (LOVE THOSE).

      I’m so happy you like it. Some of these shot were a little difficult in the rain, but I really wanted to capture the “Rainy Day” atmosphere– especially with the bicycle images.

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      • I love finding places that are pretty much broken, old industrial sites with graffiti, the decent stuff, not just the verbal tags, but the artistic interesting stuff. Round where I live, there are a number of places in Manchester and the other old industrial cities like Sheffield that have some many hidden gems that get me excited.


      • I particularly like abandoned places … houses a little more than industrial sites ~ and where I live (unfortunately) there is very little graffiti (lol) but lots of ocean and some very nice “broken down” houses and antique type things 🙂


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