Natural Beauty

Some days were made for Nikes, pony-tails, backpacks and road maps … today was one of them.  After all, a girl can only handle so much work — at least this girl anyway.
Flamingos – one of nature’s most naturally beautiful creatures!
I think Aristotle said it best, “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous-” and today I was happy to spread my wings and be a part of it.


73 thoughts on “Natural Beauty

    1. Thank you so much Joe!! I find I’m always overtaken by nature’s “natural” enchantments — by the everyday beauty that we all live and breathe. 🙂

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  1. Gorgeous light and colors in this image! For me it’s a hat…I cut all my hair off in a pixie a little over a year ago so no pony-tail for now, hiking boots, and trail maps. Glad you’re off to great start of your week-end and finding your happy place.


      1. Tell me about it! I felt as if I had a Samson complex since…foreveah! I hadn’t had short hair since the 80’s, and it wasn’t styled in a cute pixie then.
        I’ve wanted a pixie cut for ages and was too chicken to do it thinking my nose was too big and I wasn’t petite enough to pull it off. I finally got the courage to do it last fall. I didn’t die! That was a HUGE plus!
        I also went to a stylist that knew how to do a pixie. I’m sure that’s why I like it.

        I thought I’d go through the agony of growing it out, but that failed. I got to the “bushy stage” after 5 months of grow out and cut it all off again. My naturally curly hair loves this do, and it’s so easy to care for, and when I’m feeling playful or just a bit wicked I use Wicked Wax and piece it out. I love Wicked Wax! It’s so easy to style and go with this product.

        If it’s something you’ve wanted to try don’t be afraid. You’ll live…and it grows out…painful to look at in certain stages of the grow out, but it does grow out. One day I’ll tough it out and get through the bushy stage and have long hair again, but for now I’m likin the Pixie. 🙂


      2. A Samson complex hahahah—- well maybe one day I’ll be as brave as you!! 🙂 ….♥♥ Wicked Wax – my mom uses that!!


  2. Ha! You did it. And I LOVE it 🙂 Amazing color and detail, and that wonderful eye! Never been this up close and personal with a flamingo. Great choice and great message, West. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


  3. I really love the tone and colors you have in your photos. It makes me think about Florida 🙂 I visited there a long time ago but I loved the turquoise of the sea and all the pastels and warm tones. Your blog just makes me smile 🙂


    1. Hey Stuart THANKS!! I adore Flamingos– I’m not sure what it is about them I find so beautifully intriguing~ then again- it could be because I’m in love with all things PINK~ You say your legs are Skinny AND Pink?? Rather, (to quote you) “elegant and balletic,” I’d say!

      Thank you for the link to your photo– beautiful as always! (And much better I think than mine 🙂 and your description…. hahaha even better! “…Continuing yesterdays theme: Is a flamingo more beautiful than a turkey? Who’s to say? …” Just one of the many reasons your blog is one of my VERY favorites!!


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