Summer Light

I drank Summer and he filled my veins with light.


63 thoughts on “Summer Light

  1. You already have lots of great comments but I’m adding mine anyway from sunny France. That chair is just everything that summer isn’t here at the moment – cool and very appealing! Great photo, cheers! Jane


    1. Hi Jane!! Thank you so much and thank you for writing!! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here ~ perfect for a nice day at the beach! I’m so happy you found me – When I saw your blog all I could think was, “Why am I not following her?” Fantastic space you have~ expect a visit from me often and try to find some time in the shade~ Cheers to you! ~w


      1. Delighted to be in touch west517! Fascinating to have a different ‘across the world and time zones’ perspective on things! It’s cooler night time here now, only the sound of waves on the seashore missing, we have farm machinery, operatic toads and barn owls instead! Best wishes from France 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I am too~ thank you for stopping to say hello- If you couldn’t tell Summer is by far my favorite time of year~ accept of course when it’s Spring~


    1. Thank you so much Cteavin 🙂 Sunsets are friendly that way~ they share their beauty with everything and everyone within their reach — dusting the world with a soft golden hue that’s just magical! 🙂


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