Wake Me

Life_7 copy
I love the way the sun lulls the moon to sleep~ folding her in arms of light, kissing the shadows where she walked and illuminating her steps with diamond droplets of dew.

Wrapped in a lamb skin blanket, hair washed by morning’s mist and bathed in the scent of a sunrise, I sat alone waking up with the rain.


47 thoughts on “Wake Me

  1. I feel redundant to repeat what’s already been said by those before me but it was so lovely to wake up this morning to these images and your ever appropriate words. Thank you.


  2. No, Thank YOU for providing such a wonderful place to stop. My own writing is so much more meaningful because of talents like yours and all my other friends here at wordpress. The quote from your about page describes this sentiment perfectly.

    “…man is not himself only…He is all that he sees; all that flows to him from a thousand sources…” (Mary Austin)

    I write for myself mainly but draw so much inspiration and pleasure from the words of others as well. Feel free to drop by my site any time you like my new friend. The doors to my shadowfilled creative mind are always open.

    Keep Inspiring.



    1. I feel the same way~ I feel that life itself creates art in us all every day… For me it might be feeling the sun on my face, exchanging “Eskimo Kisses” with my niece, swimming in the Ocean, running in the rain~ or buying a new pair of high heel shoes.

      I like to think that the action releases the voice and a poem is born, a song is written, an image is created or a story told. Thomas Merton said that, “Art enables us find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” In this process of creativity I am found and lost, born and reborn. Everyone needs a medium of expression and my blog, my images and words are just a small part of mine… so thanks for stopping, connecting and following!! 🙂


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