Sapphire Swim

Sapphire_Sea copy
Painted bronze by the sun and shimmer by the moon, I swim weightless, in a glistening, translucent sapphire sea.


44 thoughts on “Sapphire Swim

      1. I’m not a water baby but I do love to visit the seaside and take pleasure in the calming wash of the waves, the feel of sand between my toes, and the cry of the sea birds. So much peace and calm there!


      2. I am fortunate to live close enough to the beach so I can go often~ there’s nothing like it!! (Do you like to build sandcastles?) LOL


      3. 🙂 …well maybe you’re not a “water baby” but perhaps a “sand baby” LOL~ I’m probably a mix of both 🙂


    1. “A Siren Call” ❤ ❤ that!! Thank you so much! (and for always being such a fantastic cheerleader!!) If you couldn't tell from all my photos… the ocean is one of my MOST FAVORITE places in the world~ I love everything about it 🙂


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