A Salty Blonde

She told me I might grow tired of it… the sand, ~ sticky, salty air (that can wreak havoc on hair like mine) … not to mention the heat.  But she was wrong~ I never did.

Where am I?
Alvin’s Beachside Surf Shop
“Buy a Bikini, Get a FREE Hermit Crab”



31 thoughts on “A Salty Blonde

    1. Thank you for sending that!! I saw the “Crash and Burn” post in my Reader~ beautiful! I’ll be following for sure 🙂 and thanks, I’m happy you like my pics~ have a beautiful, sunny day!!


  1. awesome post = and was cracking up with the wonderful words you opened with…salt in hair – and this…
    But she was wrong~ I never did.

    ha! and do they really give a free kermit crab with purchase? way cool.

    anyhow, enjoyed this fun summer post -you captured the mood in many ways – oh, and I usually carry some jojoba oil or small conditioner bottle so when we levee the beach shower and use that and it helps the do….


    1. LOL ~ Thank you SO much!! ❤
      I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

      Yes, a hermit crab comes standard with the purchase of any bikini in the shop… mine now lives in my aquarium~ his name is, "Crush." Thank you for your suggestion on the conditioner~ It's quite possible that I have the most stubborn hair in America – it must be willfully brushed into submission. After swimming on this particular day~ one of my girlfriends was sweet enough to brush out my hair… for forty-five minutes…oi.


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