Lake Shore Acres

Bold and beautiful as ever~ this vintage road sign still lights up the scene every night at sundown. Still open for business… $28 will get you a room for the night.  I hope you like it as much as I do~


39 thoughts on “Lake Shore Acres

    1. That’s what I was thinking but just wanted a second opinion 🙂 I think they would “show” better just posting few at a time~ not so visually overwhelming ~ look for them soon 🙂 Thanks again!!


    1. Thank you!!! I should have mentioned this in the post ~ no I haven’t stayed there before 🙂 the room price was listed on the smaller sign beneath the one I posted 🙂


      1. Dear West, here in Italy no one let you a room for that unexpensive price, even if it’s a smaaaaall room 🙂


      2. 🙂 I would not stay here- even for the inexpensive price– some motels here are not even worth $10.00 🙂


  1. I love the sign. I’d love to see it lit up. But I’m not sure I’d spend the night. $28 does sound like a bargain but you can’t be sure what you’d be bringing home with you!


    1. Its actually very very cool looking at night ~ I am happy to say I have never been an overnight guest here 🙂 …because i think they let bed bugs stay for free ~


  2. Did you ever see the Thunderbird Motel in Savannah? I’ve always considered it a Vintage Vegas Knock-Off. It is pretty awesome in its mid-century decor. I love these pics!


    1. Hey Casey! No…I haven’t seen it ~sounds very cool~ thank you! I live in a tiny town that still has some of the craziest vintage signs around — would you believe that the little italian resturant down the street sells all you can eat spaghetti every Wednesday night… for just 2$ …(I actually want to do a post there) I have eaten there many times lol~ thx for stopping and btw YES!! Life should have more dancing!

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