Shirt Laundry

Their unapologetically loud… I guess thats why I like them… flashing lights, crazy shapes~ I’m talking about Vintage road signs of course. You know the ones… mix matched colors, shapes, fonts with no rhyme or reason … what’s not to love?  Nothing but gorgeous chaos floating in the sky.

Sadly this “Shirt Laundry” is closed for business, but I’m still very fond of this small odd shaped building and it’s bold, colorful crown.


38 thoughts on “Shirt Laundry

  1. On a drive of Route 66 from Santa Monica to St. Louis, I saw many if these very cool old signs. Nothing today can match these the creativity of these old signs. Thanks for sharing this picture. Patrick


    1. Hi Patrick!! I love Route 66 🙂 I adore these signs ~ I think each one is a piece of art! Thanks for writing and Im so happy you liked it!!


  2. great shots, awesome colors, and of course fantastic signs… they seem to have all vanished here in Belgium, you can find smaller ones on a flea market, if you are lucky! Greetings, Guy


    1. Thank you soo much!! Fortunately we still have a few left here~ they are rare, but always a treat~ thank you for commenting and visiting me! 🙂


      1. One of my friends on Facebook is currently doing a wonderful series of vintage house photographs. He’s created a really great retro processing for each as well.


      2. Vintage house photographs~ fantastic! Does he process each photograph differently? (I hope that makes sense)


  3. I’ve only been on a very small stretch of Route 66 and it was very disappointing! Out near Kingman AZ. But I will go again one day. And hopefully bring back photos like these! I love these old signs and old buildings. So much more character!


  4. This is great photography and very inspiring to me. I added some oil paint texture to your photo just to see what it would look like. I like it. If you want I could post you a link.


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