Beautiful Ride

Ferris Wheels.  I see them.  I’m Seventeen again.  He and me.  My first road trip, my senior summer.  Hot, happy, stranded. Waiting in the desert outside Reno … 55 miles into the, “138 miles to the next gas station.”  We didn’t make it to Reno that night, but settled instead for a cheap motel, a small carnival, pizza, two ice cream cones, a sunset … and the first time I learned that LOVE is the most beautiful ride of all.


36 thoughts on “Beautiful Ride

  1. Well it is true those colours do make a much more dramatic impact than we eventually get used to in everyday life. But (from what I can just about remember) being 17 was exactly like that too- so great choice 🙂


  2. I have browsed through several of your photographs, not even one that I didn’t like! Happy to have dicovered you, expect me often 😉 Wishing you the very best and much love!


    1. Thank you so much Stacy 🙂 I wanted to process this in the way I remembered that day and am very happy you could ‘see’ what I was thinking!! ♥


  3. A beautiful ride
    astonishment with every turn we see something new. Never long enough at its slow paste we are sure we haven’t seen it all. but we smile at what we seen, each other and can’t wait to come back again. As years passes so does the scenery change while the rotating cranks and axle takes us for a spin we breathe live in new found moments of a different time.


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